A meeting of society of Anaesthesiologists of Karachi was held at 7:30 P.M. on 13-3-1971 at the PMA House, Garden Road, Karachi. The following members were present:

  • Dr. Syed Yousuf
  • Dr. M. Muneeruddin
  • Dr. S. K. A. Rahman
  • Dr. M. A. Hameed
  • Dr. K. Hasnain
  • Dr. Md. Yousuf
  • Dr. Kamal Ahmad
  • Dr. A. M. Attar
  • Dr. Habibul Haq Siddiqui
  • Dr. Faizur Rehman
  • Dr. Hussain Ahmad
  • Dr. Zurek

Dr. A. M. Attar was in chair. The resolution was moved by Dr. Habibul Haq Siddiqui and was accepted with the following amendments.

Name To organize ourselves into a society under the name of PAKISTAN SOCIETY OF ANAESTHESIOLOGISTS.
Objects To advance the science and art of anaesthesia in Pakistan and to enhance the professional, economic and social status of anaesthesiologist and to seek cordial relations between the members and other group of scientific workers both in and outside Pakistan.
Membership Membership will be open to the registered Medical practitioner who is or was practicing anaesthesiologist.
Organization The interest of the society will be looked after by the following officers who shall constitute the Executive Committee. A President, a Secretary, a Treasurer and such officers whom the Executive Committee might co-opt unanimously.Day to day working of the executive Committee be carried by the Secretary through postal or other consultations.
Accounts All dues and contributions are imposed by the Executive Committee will be paid by members to the Treasurer who shall open a bank account in the name of Society and who shall operate it jointly with one or more officers nominated by the Executive Committee. The membership fee will be Rs. 50.00 per annum except for those who are part time workers or those who have been registered for less than 3 years. Such members will pay Rs. 25.00 per annum or Rs. 3.00 per month.

Following office bearers were selected unanimously as proposed by Dr. Col. Rehman and seconded by Dr. Muneeruddin:

Dr. A. M. Attar President
Dr. Habibul Haq Siddiqui Secretary
Dr. Hussain Ahmad Treasurer
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