Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The Last 40 Years – Journey Towards Excellence
April 26, 2015
Educational Courses for Anaesthesia Postgraduates
April 26, 2015

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

The provision of CME (Continuing Medical Education) all year round is a hallmark of PSA activities and is most popular amongst under training doctors.

This academic pursuit was aimed at two groups as the target audiences, the anasethesiologists who were not working in the institutions and thus did not have access to the updates in anesthetic practices and the post graduates.

These CME programmes are expected to improve the knowledge base and also provided a friendly platform to the above audience to clear their queries if any with the academicians of the field.

CME held every 3 months and it is formatted in a way that all institutions by turn get to organize an academic activity in which speakers / facilitators are invited from various institutions by the host institution to participate and share their knowledge.

These CME serve as a “Refresher Course” for the seniors and an “Update Services” for the juniors of the field. Extremely positive feedback from all quarters and the will to continue facilitating the academics in the field act as beacon to continue this activity and improve it as the time passes on.

For further details and upcoming CME contact us or keep visiting the site!

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