Highlighting the Issue of Inappropriate Anaesthesia Services at Some Hospitals

30th Annual Conference Report
November 21, 2014
34th Annual Conference Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists, Karachi
April 18, 2015

Highlighting the Issue of Inappropriate Anaesthesia Services at Some Hospitals

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists is extremely concerned about the anaesthesia services being provided at your hospital. These concerns and issues were raised in the monthly meeting of the society. The senior members of the anesthesiology fraternity and the office bearers of Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists found it very perturbing that patient safety is compromised severely in your hospital due to one or all of the following reasons.

  1. Unqualified and informally trained doctors are providing anaesthesia services at your hospital. This is criminal negligence and unethical on the part of hospital owners and administrators to allow unqualified anesthetists to provide services just because a lower professional fee is acceptable to them due to lack of qualification.
  2. It is highly unprofessional to anesthetize more than one patient without having skilled help. It is on record that a single consultant without any junior is running 2-3 tables or even more. Patients safety is compromised and deaths have occurred because of this negligent attitude. A single consultant can only run more than one table in a supervisory capacity. Presence of a qualified trained colleague (junior) in each O.T Suit is a standard I of minimum mandatory monitoring.
  3. Safety regulation also requires minimum mandatory monitoring in the form of equipment which includes an ECG, a pulse oximeter and a non-invasive BP monitor at least.
  4. Lack of anaesthesia equipment including the anaesthesia machine is not acceptable according to safety standards. Avoidable mishaps are likely to occur if equipment is constantly being moved.

Anaesthesiolgy is one of the most intricate, highly sophisticated and acute specialties of the medical field. Only a qualified anesthesiologist is able to manage and look into the intricacies required to make an anesthetic safe or otherwise, making a difference of life and death to the patient.

Anaesthesia related morbidity and mortality presently in the city is high not because anaesthesia is not safe but because anaesthesia is being provided by doctors who are half baked anesthetists since they do not have any post graduate qualification which is only attainable after a formal dedicated period of training in a recognized institute. It requires years of hard work together with knowledge and skill to be able to get upgraded to a specialist known as an anesthesiologist. It is unfair to the patient who looks up to the hospital authorities and the medical fraternity and trusts as with his life which is the, most precious entity any live being can own.

As human beings, as Muslims and then as health care providers it is our moral and legal duty to be honest to the ailing humanity of our city. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter. We look forward to meeting you on this issue as soon as possible.

If such practices continue in your hospital then Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists, a registered organization reserves its right to condemn it and will take appropriate legal actions. We shall also high light this issue in the media.

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