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“Quality Anaesthesia Widens The Surgical Horizon” 32nd Annual Conference

The Chief Guest, Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, Mr. Nisar Ahmad Khoro arrives to perform the opening ceremony. Dr. Amin Khuwaja, Assistant Professor NICVD and General Secretary of the Society and Professor Tipu Sultan, Patron Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists receive him.

The Pakistan Society of Anesthesiologists is one of the oldest organizations of the medical fraternity. It normally holds a meeting every year where its members meet, exchange ideas, present scientific papers and hold formal and informal meetings.

The 32nd Annual conference of the Pakistan Society of Anesthesiologists was held on 28-29th April at the Hotel Marriott, Karachi.

“The anaesthesiologist of yesterday was an indispensible part of the surgical team whose only job was confined to the operation theatres, but today, things have changed in the sense that he is also involved in wide range of other clinical disciplines. He is an Intensivist in Critical Care medicine, an important member of Resuscitation in the Trauma team and also a key person in managing Acute and Chronic pain” said the Chief Guest, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khoro, Speaker of the Sindh Assembly in his speech. He further said that the existence of health care givers is because of “patients” and it is essential, that quality come first. He stressed that Health was the number one agenda on his priority list of things to do. “There have been a lot of mishaps including administration of wrong drugs” he admitted. “The health ministry should look into how dangerous drugs, especially the ones to be used for anaesthesia in the operation theatres should be kept;” and suggested that they be marked in a such a way, that they clearly stand out.


The Chief Guest addresses the delegates at the opening ceremony. Dr. Amin Khuwaja, General Secretary of the Society presents the Annual Report. Dr. Nur ul Haq, President of the Society presents the Welcome Address.

The chief guest was very receptive to the ideas presented by the President of the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists, Dr. Noor ul Haq during his welcome address. Dr. Noor suggested that the government give special incentives to doctors to become anaesthetists, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training should be made mandatory for all medical personnel and the government should involve the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists for training of the medical and paramedical Staff.


From left to right: Dr. Nabeela Rafique, Treasurer of the Society gives the Vote of Thanks. Dr. Gouhar Afshan, Editor Newsletter of the Society and Professor Tipu Sultan, Patron Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists.

The Guest of Honour Professor Sakina Jafery addressed the audience after this. “The world can surely be a better place when suffering is reduced to a minimum and in this regard, everyone is expected to play his particular role skillfully and competently. Health care is a noble profession and we should focus and compete in delivering better education and healthcare to the community” she said.

The Delegates at the Conference

The Delegates at the Conference

While presenting an annual report of the Society, General Secretary PSA, Karachi, Dr. Amin Khuwaja said that the objectives of the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiology were to make available the highest standards of anaesthesia, pain treatment, trauma management and resuscitation to all trainees. He emphasized that in order to have competent anesthesiologists, a good training programme, Continuing Medical Education and continuous professional development and evolution in all aspects relating to anaesthesia, were a must in today’s world.

Members of the new cabinet 2012-13 of the Society of Anaesthesiologists.

Members of the new cabinet 2012-13 of the Society of Anaesthesiologists.

Presenting his annual report, Dr. Amin Khuwaja informed the delegates that in the 2011-2012 period, the PSA Karachi, conducted four CME (Continue Medical Education) programmes with the collaboration of the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, the Aga Khan University Hospital, the Liaquat National Hospital, the Civil Hospital Karachi and the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre. All these programmes were well attended by senior faculty members and post graduates trainees. Further on, in the month of December 2011, a Critical Care Conference was arranged by the Society of Anesthesiologists Karachi, which was attended by national and international delegates. The 10th Pain Con was a two days programme on Pain Medicine, held in January 2012, which comprised of pain camps and a medical symposium.


The two Akhtars, Dr. Akhtar Aziz and Prof. Akhtar Waheed chair a session, while Dr. Eltringham receives a momento from Prof. Saeeda Haider, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee.


Professor Younis Khatri past Chief of Anaesthesia of the NICVD presents a gift to Dr. Raheem Memon of the JPMC. Professor Sakina Jaffery, Guest of Honour receives a memento from the Chief Guest.

This session ended with a Vote of Thanks by the Treasurer of the PSA, Dr. Nabila Rafique. She thanked the Chief Guest, the Guest of Honour, the delegates and all pharmaceuticals companies for making a great effort to make this conference successful.

In the end, the Patron of the Society, Professor Tipu Sultan presented shields as mementoes to the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. He later on led the way to the opening of the scientific exhibition which was performed by the Chief Guest, Mr. Nisar Ahmed Khoro.

The two days scientific session kicked off after the Inauguration session. During her opening remarks, the Chair Person of the Scientific Committee, Professor Saeeda Haider introduced the theme of the conference “Quality Anaesthesia widens Surgical Horizons”.

Pre-Congress Workshop on "Invasive Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring" at the NICVD.

Pre-Congress Workshop on “Invasive Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring” at the NICVD.


Participants of the Pre-Congress workshop on “Difficult Airway” at the AKUH on the left. Dr. Nur ul Haq, Associate Professor at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and President of the Society at the Pre-Congress Workshop on “Nutritional Support in the Critically Ill Patient”.


Dr. Safia Zafar in the “Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks”, Pre-Congress Workshop at Civil Hospital, Karachi and Dr. Nighat Abbas of the LIaquat National Hospital holds the CPR workshop.

In this regard, she elaborated that an earnest effort had been made to encourage local research and studies which would help provide the anesthesiologist with an opportunity to present his or her indigenous research at a National forum, besides offering an opportunity to interact and learn from each other.

More than 300 delegates from all over Pakistan participated in the conference. Dr. Roger Eltringham, Consultant Anesthesiologist from the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, UK, was the guest speaker. His talk centered on recent advances in providing anaesthesia in a difficult situation.

Seven pre-congress workshops were held at different institutions in the City. These workshops included seminars on “Basic Cardiac Life Support” held in the Sindh Institute of Urology and Transplantation, “Ventilation in ICU” at the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, “Ultrasound Guided Blocks” at the Civil Hospital Karachi and Indus Hospitals, “Invasive Arterial Blood Pressure Monitoring” at the National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases, “Difficult Airway” at the Aga Khan University Hospital and “Nutritional Support in the Critically Ill Patient” at the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital.

A musical programme at the Gala Dinner.

A musical programme at the Gala Dinner.

The PSA Newsletter which is published regularly was also distributed during scientific session. The editor of newsletter Dr. Gauhar Afshan, in her editorial wrote, that this issue was meant to share and highlight the progress regarding the process for the development of Anesthesia standards.

An extravagant Gala dinner was arranged on Saturday evening. This was followed by a programme featuring performances of popular artists which rendered the evening memorable. On the Sunday afternoon, the closing ceremony was followed by a PSA business session in which new cabinet members and a new executive committee were elected. “This conference was intellectually stimulating and academically and socially pleasing” remarked a senior anaesthetist delegate from another city. “This conference will serve as land mark and a standard for others to compare with” said another.

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists

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The specialty of Anaesthesia has grown and Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has now become a “ROLE MODEL SOCIETY”.