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Anesthesiologist – A Clinician and A Scholar 34th Annual Conference

34th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Anesthesiologist was held on April 26-27, 2014 at Movenpick Hotel Karachi. Conference had invited Doctors and Delegates from all over the Pakistan. This Year the theme of the 34th Annual Conference was Anesthesiologist-a Clinician and a Scholar. The idea is to raise awareness about the specialty among the medical fraternity, as it is still not given the due importance that it deserves.

In past 2-3 decade, the role of Anesthesiologist has been redefined, worldwide. They are no longer confined to the operating rooms but also their services are needed in other areas e.g. critical care medicine, pain medicine, trauma, etc. In addition to their expanding role as a clinician, they contribute significantly in education due to their applied knowledge required in the field of Anesthesia covering anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology, physics and medicine.

PSA has also organized 14 pre-conference workshops, for the first time in last 34 years, on various topics at different hospital all over Karachi which included Difficult Airway Management, Combined Spinal Epidural, Peripheral Nerve Blocks (Nerve Stimulator), Ultrasound Guided Peripheral Nerve Blocks, Sepsis, I/V Fluid Therapy, Invasive Monitoring (Arterial BP, CVP), Paediatric Epidural, Advanced Airway Techniques, Ultrasound Guided Central Neuraxial Blockade, BLS (for Paramedical Staff), Central Venous Pressure Monitoring and Labour Analgesia.

The two Days Conference included the various topics of discussions and presentations i.e., Recent Advances, Focus Points, Pros & Cons, Clinical Practices Session, Post-Operative Complications, Multi-Disciplinary Practices, Industry Sponsored Lectures, Monitoring Related – Critical Incidents and Free Paper by Residents. It was very well attended by all professionals from all over Pakistan as well as delegates from Bangladesh. It seems the organizers have put in sincere and very well coordinated efforts.

Dr. Zia Akhtar as a president welcomed the guests and delegates at the 34th Annual Conference.

Dr. Zahid Akhtar Rao in his annual report emphasized the role-model exemplary tradition of Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists to promote the specialty by being in the forefront in all academic and Continuing Medical Education activities. He highlighted the achievements accomplished by the society over the last year including various CME programs, symposiums and meetings. PSA’s concerted efforts for indexing its official journal, i.e. Apicare, in Pubmed were also accentuated.

Prof. S. Tipu Sultan being a keynote speaker addressed and illustrated the specialty of Anesthesia in Pakistan today, in terms of quality is as sophisticated as anywhere in the developed world. The Evolution & Progress of this specialty has taken place in the last four decades. At the time of partition (1947), anesthesia was in a very primitive state just like in the rest of the subcontinent. Modern equipment and latest drugs started to come in and as gradually replaced all un-acceptable armamentarium. Advancement in surgery owes it to advancement in anesthesia. All state of the art surgery is being performed today in Pakistan by surgeons under qualified & skilled anesthesiologists.

Prof. Khalil ur Rehman (Past President, SAARC Association of Anesthesiologist) was invited as Guest of Honor, he emphasized the role of anesthesiologist as a clinician and a scholar. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Qaiser (Vice Chancellor, University of Karachi) was a Chief Guest of the occasion he praises the role of anesthesiologist in the society emphasized it’s the need of time in Pakistani society.

The event was made successful with the collaboration of sponsors and several exhibitors were found at the venue.

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists

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The specialty of Anaesthesia has grown and Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has now become a “ROLE MODEL SOCIETY”.