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To advance the science and art of anaesthesia in Pakistan and to enhance the professional economic and
social status of anaesthesiologists and to develop cordial relations amongst the PSA members and
the other specialties both in and outside Pakistan.

O n 13th March 1971 twelve Pakistani Anaesthesiologists led by Dr Habib-ul-Haq Siddiqui formally joined hands at Karachi and decided to collectively strive for the betterment of their specialty, and thus Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists was born.

We salute the founder members for conceptualizing the idea of the Society and the office bearers throughout these years for the various milestones the Society has achieved to reach its present status, which is nothing less than “A Role Model Society”. It is only with dedication, commitment, persistence and teamwork that such success is achieved and we have been fortunate all along to have such members.

The seed, which was planted in Karachi, has now become a full grown tree, extending its branches all over the country. Today, several branches of PSA have been formed and effective in major cities of Pakistan. PSA Centre and each branch has its own cabinet (office bearers and executive members) and the head office of PSA Centre is in Karachi.

PSA has been working since decades in providing knowledge, skills and ethical education to the generations of Anaesthesiologist in the country. The Society took it upon itself to raise the academic and technical standards of the profession by holding regular clinical meetings, CMEs, PG Courses and seminars apart from Annual Conferences which have been held regularly since the inception of the society.

The Anaesthesiologist of today owes everything he has achieved to those few who had the vision and courage to bring our specialty in the mainstream of health delivery services achieving status of super specialty today. We salute them.

In short the journey that began on a rocky and dusty road has now reached the highway to perfection and anaesthesia can boast to be one of the major and most developed specialty in the medical field of Pakistan. Our thanks to all those colleagues who made this possible and our vow to take the profession to even greater heights!

The specialty of Anaesthesia has grown and Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has now become a “ROLE MODEL SOCIETY”.

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Patron Message

Prof. Syed Tipu Sultan

Anaesthesiologists of our country have proved to be of the best quality. This is evident by their performance in the country and abroad, where a large number is working. PSA has come a long way on this journey of Anaesthesia developed in last few decades.

President Message

Prof. Nur ul Haque

It is a special honour and a proud privilege to be the President of the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists (PSA). I am grateful to all the members of the society for putting their confidence in me, and bestowing upon me the honour of the office of the President.

Journey of Anaesthesia & PSA

Journey of Anaesthesia & PSA

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World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists

PSA Official Journal - APICARE

Official Journal of PSA - APICARE

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