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Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists Centre

Information Secretary Dr. M. Kashif Iqbal

On 13th March, 1971 our national society came into being at PMA house Karachi with the objective ”To advance the science and art of anaesthesia in Pakistan and to enhance the professional economic and social status of anaesthesiologists and to develop cordial relations amongst the PSA members and the other specialties both in and outside Pakistan” It was this historic moment that changed the face of the specialty in the country and there has been no looking back ever since.

Today, several branches of PSA have been formed and effective in major cities of the country. The head office of the PSA Centre is in Karachi where as PSA Karachi, Lahore, Mulatn, Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Hyderabad and Nawabshah are the major branches of the Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists having their own elected cabinets. Regular nominations/elections are held and all seniors & juniors are encouraged to be office bearers of the Society to give it life and vision. There are life members as well as members who renew their membership yearly.

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists plays a vital role in the academics of the specialty and also serves as a platform to generate good will amongst anaesthesiologists, seniors and juniors by holding frequent activities.

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has its own website which has regularly updated information about the society and ongoing activities in the field of anaesthesiology around the world are available to facilitate its members. All information related to PSA Centre and its branches with their cabinets and activities are available on the website. We have also an effective and lively, discussion forum and official mailing group, where discussions and activities keep on going amongst the anaesthesiolgists of Pakistan from around the globe. Anyone can join the mailing group by visiting our website and only our life members has access to members’ profile and discussion forum.

Keep visiting our website and keep updated yourself about the PSA Centre and its Branches. You can also share any of the information, news and activities about your regional chapters by simply contacting through emails available on our website.

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists

Upcoming Events of PSA

The specialty of Anaesthesia has grown and Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists has now become a “ROLE MODEL SOCIETY”.