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30th Annual Conference Report Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists (Karachi Chapter)

Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists would like to thank all the speakers and the delegates for making 30thAnnual Conference 2010 a great success.

The 30th Annual Conference of Pakistan Society of Anaesthesiologists (Karachi Chapter) was held at Hotel Marriott Karachi on 8th & 9th May 2010. The theme of the conference was “Safety First”, reflecting that safe and quality practice is much needed at this time.

The overall scientific activity spanned over six days. There were 5 workshops, 22 lectures, 10 resident papers, 24 posters, 2 product presentations, and 8 extremely useful and well attended breakfast sessions with experts.

The main scientific sessions (8th & 9th May 2010) were preceded by five pre-conference workshops in different institutions of Karachi (3rd May JPMC, 4th May AKUH, 5th May DUHS-CHK, 6th May ASH & LNH). These workshops were held under the leadership of institutional representatives and heads, Dr. Roohina Baloch, Dr. Mansoor Khan, Dr. Sadqa Aftab, Dr. Nurul Haq and Dr. Nighat Abbas. They were well attended and offered not only knowledge but on occasion, hands on opportunity for the attendee. The topics covered were of tremendous practical importance i.e. CPR, Airway Management, NMJ Monitoring, Acute Haemorrhage management andInvasive Monitoring.

The Main Conference commenced on 8th May 2010 (Saturday) on time with the Guest of honour Dr. Ziauddin in the chair. Later on the chief guest of the occasion Dr. Sagheer Ahmed, H’able Minister of Health also joined.

After Tilawat-e-Kalaam-Pak, Dr. Amin Suleman (President PSA Karachi) presented welcome address followed by Dr. Safia Zafar’s report on PSA activities of past one year. She focused on expanding much on CME and other academic activities of PSA for the benefit of trainee and senior practicing anaesthetists. She also emphasized on PSA role on medico-political issues like unnecessary demonization of our colleagues by media and other agencies. However she did clarify the stance of PSA in not supporting irresponsible and negligent, unqualified so called anaesthetist all over the country. She clearly said that PSA cannot and will not provide shelter to negligent doctors. Nevertheless, she on behalf of PSA offered education, help and guidance to the willing anaesthetists in case of difficulties.

Later on Professor and Patron of PSA Dr. S T Sultan launched PSA website. He applauded the effort of Dr. M Kashif Iqbal, an active member and an IT enthusiast, who has been working hard on the launch of website. After launching, the audience were captivated by twenty minutes of PSA-WEB presentation which covered decades of anaesthesia progress in Pakistan.

The web-launch was followed by Dr. M Ziauddin, a renowned anaesthetist and the Guest of honour of the occasion. Dr. Ziauddin who served as a member, President and the General Secretary of the PSA Karachi at different timings in the last forty years, thanked PSA Karachi for remembering his contribution and providing this opportunity to reconnect several of his colleagues. He applauded the leadership role of Dr. HabibuRehman and Professor Tipu Sultan for the past forty years to further the speciality. Amongst the audience Professor Akhter Waheed Khan and Professor Rehana Kamal and Professor Iftikhar Rathore were prominent. Rest of the senior and junior colleagues were also present and their lectures will be highlighted on the web.

After Dr. Ziauddin’s address, Minister of Health Govt. Of Sindh Dr. Sagheer Ahmed spoke. As he is normally a favourite of the medical fraternity despite millions of shortcomings in the health care delivery systems, he received a warm welcome. Professor Saeeda Haider appreciated him on informing the conference organisers about his slight delayed appearance and yet allowed the proceedings to be commenced on time. Dr. Sagheer Ahmed reassured the audience that he is trying his best to bring in laws against malpractice, containment of unqualified doctors and enforcement of safety aspects. Finally the vote of thanks were offered by Dr. Raziuddin (Treasurer PSA Karachi). At this point session broke for tea and refreshments.

The rest of the conference was based on the grand scientific programme with theme of “Safety First” each and every session highlighted the significance of ‘Patient safety’ and anaesthesiologist role to ensure it.

There was 100% attendance of all speakers and PSA is thankful to all speakers, especially those who came from other cities.

The Banquet dinner was arranged for the invited speakers and organizing committee at the Golf Club on Saturday night.

In the Concluding/Business Session, the prizes for the best free paper and poster were awarded and in the end new elected cabinet of PSA Karachi for the year 2010-2011 was announced.

All the sessions of 30th Annual Conference were attended by PSA members, Senior Anaesthesiologists of the country and the new comers in Anaesthesiology. The conference was a great success according to the opinion expressed by the participants.

Conference Committees

Organizing CommitteeDr. M Amin SulemanScientific Programme CommitteeDr. KU Shibli
Dr. Safia Zafar SiddiquiDr. M Razziuddin
 Dr. Madiha Hashmi
Registration CommitteeDr. Roohina BalochDr. Mansoor Khan
Dr. Muzammil HussainDr. Sirajuddin
Dr. M AslamDr. Nadeem Muneer
Dr. Ameena NasreenDr. Nigar Hashemy
Scientific ExhibitionDr. Nur ul HaqPrinting & PublicationDr. Rehana Yasin
Dr. Musadiq JafferyDr. Hameedullah
Dr. Nazir JatoiDr. Murtaza
Advisory CommitteeDr. S Tipu SultanPress PublicityDr. Ziauddin
Dr. Akhtar Waheed KhanDr. Mirza Ali Azhar
Dr. Saeeda Haider 
Dr. Akhtar Aziz KhanEntertainment CommitteeDr. Alamgir Shah
Dr. Gauhar AfshanDr. Hamid Ali
Dr. Younis Khatri 
Dr. Zarin NaqviIT CommitteeDr. M Kashif Iqbal
Dr. Zia AkhtarDr. Asma A Salam
Dr. Sadqa Aftab 

Conference Secretariat:

Department of Anaesthesiology
Surgical Intensive Care and Pain Management
Dow Medical College and Civil Hospital (DUHS)
Tel: +92-21-32765673, 32779718
Fax: +92-21-2779718
Email: [email protected]

PSA Centre Head Office:

Room No.1, Annex Building II
Agha Khan III Road, PMA House
Tel: +92-21-32294795
Email: [email protected]

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